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Ten sexy fetishes you’ve probably never heard of

It’s impossible to believe that in this day and age, when open sexual desire is no longer considered impolite, we don’t know something about sex and its manifestations. And what about such a s If you’re reading this, it means someone at BigPicture.ru liked it. Fetish behaviour has been recognised from the beginning of time. A fetish is defined as an object, action, or body part that is used to satisfy sexual demands, whether real or imagined.


Touching a balloon gives people with a penchant for balloons sexual pleasure, and orgasm can occur when the balloon explodes. By the way, maybe this is it. If you’re reading this message, it’s likely that someone from BigPicture sent it to you. This s because a person’s adrenaline levels rise as soon as he hears the sound of a bursting ball, and this, combined with tense anticipation, produces a double pleasure.


Have you ever fantasised of dressing up as a piece of furniture? Forniphilia are looking for something. On the other hand, some people choose to have their furniture painted for them. One of the BDSM subculture’s traditions is this fetish.


Possibly the cutest and most amusing fetish ever. If you ignore the fact that such folks are sexually attracted to plush animals, you’ll be fine.


Only formicophilia are thrilled when something horrible, such as insects, creeps over them, similar to zoophilia.


Any encounter with holy things, or merely their contemplation, excites hierophilia.


Remember Pygmalion’s passion for the statue of Galatea that he sculpted? As a result, such people are drawn to any still image of the human body, and they derive sexual pleasure from possessing and touching it.

Crash fetish is a fetish for people who like to crash

Arousal is elicited when a person of the opposing sex crushes any things, food, or even small animals with their teeth. екст вт с отораиx – BigPicture.ru – отораиx – отораиx – отораиx – отораиx – отораиx – отораиx – отораиx – ото their toes (and this is already beyond the boundaries of a funny sexual addiction). This is also true when watching so-called crash videos.


Have you ever felt attracted to the prospect of being robbed? Then you surely don’t have kleptolagnia as a fetish. Fear and the unknown excite people. If they are additionally crushed against the wall and their hands are fixed in some way, they will be even more enjoyable. eкст вт с сата новости в отораи – BigPicture.ru


Sexual attraction to the armpits, in which a person gets pleasure from touching, dreaming about, and smelling this area of the body.


However, this is a potentially deadly attraction: a person with symphorophilia gets sexual pleasure from watching or participating in a disaster. екст от сата отораи – BigPicture.ru s direct staging Furthermore, this idea encompasses events such as car accidents, fires, bridge collapse, and even a tsunami.


Everyone, especially men, adores automobiles, yet someone has an unhealthy obsession with them. Mechanophilia encompasses not only a passion for automobiles, but also for motorcycles, trucks, and helicopters. екст от сата новости в отораи – BigPicture.ru copters, and even planes Edward Smith claimed to having sex with over a hundred computers at one point. We don’t want to know what it implies in the first place.

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