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Strategies to sate your foot fetish in the most extreme way possible

The foot fetish is one of the most popular body part fetishes, with 47 percent of persons who have a specific body part obsession preferring feet! If a pair of feet do it for you, you’re in good company. Both Elvis Presley and Andy Warhol are reported to have a foot fetish.

What Does It Mean To Have A Foot Fetish?

It’s just sexual fixation with the foot, and it’s called paraphilia in particular. Someone with this fetish may enjoy stroking or kissing the feet of others, or prefers to be on the receiving end. If you have a foot fetish, looking at photographs of attractive feet and shoes is another option.

It’s worth noting that some persons who have a foot fetish enjoy to view their feet in various kinds of shoes or clothing, while others like to see their feet in certain shoes or outfits. Some people like to wear their feet in shoes or boots, while others prefer to wear sandals or go barefoot. Some foot fetishists favour toes that are formed or have long or short toes.

Some women prefer them to be little and feminine, with a beautiful bow. Even larger male feet or feet are preferred by certain foot fetishists. For other folks, a very filthy and stinky foot is enough to remedy the problem. When it comes to this – or any – obsession, you’d be astonished at how many varieties there are. With a fetish, everyone will undoubtedly discover something for themself.

Foot Fetishism: How Common Is It?

You shouldn’t feel strange if you have a foot fetish or if your spouse admits to having one. You might find it strange (see this list for additional strange fetishes), but it’s completely safe and legal, and you might even find foot fetish sex to be rather appealing! Furthermore, when it comes to foot fetishes, it is fairly prevalent.

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How often do you do it? According to one study, 47 percent of persons who had a specific body part fetish also had a foot fetish, making it the most frequent part obsession and more than five times the next most popular fetish [ 1 ]. Socks and shoes, which are foot-related goods, are among the most prevalent fetish objects, according to the same survey.

What Causes A Fetish For Feet?

If a foot fetish is so frequent, another natural question to ask is what creates it. Even if there is only one cause of foot fetishism, the jury will remain silent! 

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