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How Do You Feed A Foot Fetish?

Try a little love in return for a chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do in the bedroom. If you’re the one who wants to try something more related, our guide to sexual communication might help you bring it up with your partner. Remember that kinky can mean various things to different people.

Massage of the feet

“What is a foot fetish?” you might wonder. Not everyone thinks of foot massage as a fetish. After all, many individuals enjoy them for reasons other than erotic. It’s worth mentioning because the sensuous foot massage can be your first foray into the world of foot fetishism! Massage is relaxing, and it’s always good to be pampered, but when a portion of your body is massaged that has a sexual meaning in your mind, it may also be sexually arousing.


A tickling can also be added to a foot massage or fetish for certain persons. It’s worth a go, even if it’s not for folks who are very ticklish or don’t tickle at all. Consider including it while you’re gently tied – learn more about mild bondage – and your spouse is tickling your feet!

genital stimulation and footwork

If your foot fetish is more intense, you might want to try foot work, which involves using your feet to stimulate your genitals. Women massaging their partners with one or both feet is a common trope in porn, and it’s easy to get into simply playing footsie under the table! Women aren’t left out in the cold, either, because their partners can rub the vulva with their feet.

Oral remark

Then there’s foot kissing and licking, particularly with the toes. Before you let your spouse do it, you’ll probably need some clean tooties, although many people enjoy how sensual it can be. This is especially true for women who lack the necessary penile apparatus to receive a blowjob.


Classes like pedicures are another method to indulge in a foot fetish. A professional pedicure can leave you with attractive toenails and tactile feet, which can be a terrific start to additional fetish activities! Begin with a relaxing foot soak, which you can enjoy with your lover or alone. You can do so in privacy if you need to clip some stray hair beforehand.

enticing footwear

A pedicure allows you to have prolonged contact with your foot, but you don’t have to make contact with your foot if it’s not your unique foot fetish.


Some persons with foot fetishes explore with their fetishes by masturbating in their shoes. They can rub or rub their shoes against them, or simply observe them while having fun. Apart from the appeal to the feet, this could be more of a case of shoe fetish.

Foot worship and BDSM

Foot fetishists appear to be well-prepared for a wide range of BDSM activities. Women, for example, are prone to shoe worship – read more about it here. When a responsible woman wears gorgeous shoes, she may request that her obedient partner congratulate her by licking or kissing them.

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