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Foot Fetish: Characteristics Of Attraction, Sexual Behaviours

One of the forms of fetishism is foot fetish, which is an attraction to the soles of the feet, usually female, on the part of a guy or another woman. Toes, movement, brilliant or subtle pedicure, jewellery on their feet (bracelets, rings, tattoos), and the smell of unwashed feet are all appealing to a foot fetishist. When a devotee of this approach sees or smells feet, he or she feels an unrivalled secret excitement. Foot enthusiasts frequently adore their own legs, which they can flaunt or hide if they have flaws.

The smell of unclean feet is very appealing to the foot fetishist. To help him release his sexual energy, the partner (or partners) may discontinue bathing his feet. Many people like to wear revealing stockings, open-toed socks, and exquisite or daring shoes. He can get a strong orgasm just by looking at or touching his feet, or contemplation can work as a pre-arousal element before other sorts of intercourse.

Foot fetish can provide a wide range of pleasures. Some people get a lot of arousal from stroking and sniffing their partner’s feet. Others, perhaps even brutally, require the touch of the legs on their genitals. By the way, attraction isn’t just for female legs; it may also be for male legs. Men’s summer shoes with open toes had a big influence on this; for a long time, men covered their feet and wearing open shoes was frowned upon. Women (and males) are increasingly interested in seeing nude male feet.

Foot-lovers, for example, do not believe a person’s feet and toes to be “different” from him. Many people confess that sexual attraction is evident when there is a desire for the person rather than his feet.

In Sex Life, There Is A Foot Fetish.

Some people worship their feet in a harmless way, while others like more heinous sexual behaviours, which high-heeled shoes may subjugate and punish. Depending on mutual agreements, the dominant partner can trample or painfully touch any region of the passive’s body with bare or shod feet.


One of the hard game kinds that also comes in a softer form. The activity entails beating, patting, whipping, and tickling the partner’s soles. There may also be heat or cold exposure. These “punishments” should not cause any real harm; their sole purpose is to provide the most thrilling experience possible.

Massage of the erotic feet

It can be used against the foot fetishist’s partner as well as against himself. On the soles of the feet, there are numerous nerve endings and sensual zones, and massage stimulates them. Pre-play or fundamental techniques can be used (in conjunction with masturbation).

Job on the feet

Erotic stimulation is implied by touching the penis with bare legs. It can be done in a variety of positions. There is an active option (the partner introduces the penis into the folded feet of the partner) and a passive option (the partner introduces the penis into the folded feet of the partner) (she caresses and massages the penis, bringing to orgasm).

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