Suspect caught when people clapping for NHS pointed to where he was hiding

Residents who stepped outside to join in with the nationwide Clap for Carers helped police find a suspect they were chasing, before resuming their applause as he did a ‘walk of shame’ back to the squad car. People standing on their doorsteps in Birmingham leapt to the aid of officers during the weekly salute to key workers at 8pm on Thursday. They spotted a chase going on in the Newtown area and rushed over to help constables apprehend the suspect. Then, once he was safely in custody, the neighbours carried on their applause as he was marched away.

West Midlands Police said officers had been pursuing a vehicle driven by a man who they suspected to have been banned from the roads. During the chase, he was said to have rammed the police car before trying to flee on foot. The force praised the ‘amazing public who were doing #ClapforCarers’ for their assistance, adding: ‘Walk of shame to the police car to lovely applause.’